Our focus for this site is toward the Partial Alkalarian; those not yet ready to eliminate probiotics or dairy, to name two types of foods. Beyond Organic has partnered with Youngevity to bring you more wellness options.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Welcome to Eating Beyond Organic

Eating Beyond Organic is a new website that speaks to all of you who want to eat healthy, and see the health of your family thrive. It's for those of you who enjoy organic foods and beverages. Those of you who just want to eat and drink the best tasting and most nutritious foods on the planet, utilize the highest quality skin & body care products available, or you want to spread the message of health to others. Beyond Organic will walk alongside you in your journey to change your diet, change your life and change your world. As a Mission Marketer, Eating Beyond Organic is the place where we can meet.

Some of you are my Preferred Customers and Autoship Customers. I'm so happy you found this website. Share this URL link with others so they can find us too.

As you know I have the website Drink Your Greens and Minerals. However, the lifestyle of an Alkalarian is really different from that of a Partial Alkalarian. For that reason I thought it best to separate to two conversations, though you will notice, the sites are linked so you can go from one to the other very easily and that's great too!

So off we go...Chitty-chatting away about what is best to consume and why. Actually, that is easy. You want the best fuel for the body to operate. That means what is happening in your gut is paramount. Manage your pH and allow probiotics to assist you with your digestion. It is always about maintaining the balance. When you do it right,
  • You feel energetic, 
  • Clarity in skin and eyes, 
  • Minimize wrinkles, 
  • Healthy hair, 
  • The body heals rapidly 
  • And you have an overall sense of well being